All-Natural Electrolyte Powder (12 sticks)

Access clinical hydration anytime, anywhere with Hydralyte’s electrolyte powder, available in two flavours: Orange and colour-free Lemonade.

Each box contains 12 all-natural, instant-dissolve powder sticks. Just dissolve one stick into 200 mL of water to create a great tasting, clinical hydration solution.

  • No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners
  • Dissolves instantly – no stirring required
  • Up to 75% less sugar and 4x more electrolytes than leading sports drinks
  • Great for all ages

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Active ingredients (per 200 mL):
D-Glucose 3.242 g
Citrate 1.322 g
Sodium 276 mg
Chloride 248 mg
Potassium 156 mg

Orange non-medicinal ingredients: Purified stevia leaf extract, natural orange flavour, natural betacarotene

Lemonade non-medicinal ingredients: Purified stevia leaf extract, natural lemon-lime flavour

Directions and Dosing

Use under medical supervision.

  • Pour one stick into 200 mL of cold water (for babies under 6 months, use cool boiled water)
  • Sip slowly and frequently while symptoms persist
  • Discard unused solution after 6 hoursor 24 hours if refrigerated

Recommended dosing for dehydration due to vomiting and diarrhea:

Age Take in first 6 hours Maximum per day
Less than 1 year 400-600 mL 1300 mL
1–3 years 700-1000 mL 1900 mL
3–6 years 1000-1400 mL 2600 mL
6–12 years 1800-2400 mL 3900 mL
12–Adult 3000-3600 mL 6600 mL

After the first day, consume a daily volume less than the maximum per day, as directed by your doctor.

Note: 1 packet prepares 200 mL

Recommended dosing for dehydration due to fever, exercise, or heat:

10-13 years Take 1-4 sticks per day
13 years to Adult Take 1-7 sticks per day


Use for up to 3 days or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Consult your doctor promptly if vomiting or diarrhea continues for more than 24 hours in children 3 years to adults.

If you have kidney disease or are taking heart or blood pressure medicine, discuss with your doctor before taking this product. Seek further medical advice if symptoms persist. Use under medical supervision.