Hydralyte Formulation

Hydralyte Formula vs Sports Drinks

Ingredient Function Hydralyte per Liter (1.1 QT) Sports drinks (per Liter – approximate values)
Sodium Helps body to retain fluid 45–60 mEq (1030–1380 mg)* 12–23 mEq (275-530 mg)*
Potassium Essential for nerve and muscle function 20 mEq (800 mg)* 4–9 mEq (150-350 mg)*
Chloride Helps body to retain fluid 35–45 mEq (1240-1600 mg)* N/A
Primary sugar Assists with absorption of fluid and electrolytes 0.6 oz (glucose) 2.1–2.6 oz (glucose/ fructose/ sucrose)
Osmolality W.H.O recommendation = 245 mOsm/L 245 mOsm/L Variable – not standardized
Calories per Liter (1.1 QT) 80 (powder, solution) –110 (effervescent tablets) 260–320
* mg values are approximate * mg values are approximate

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