Dehydration From Prolonged Heat Exposure


Hot weather can lead to an increase in your body’s core temperature.

This usually results in a higher sweat rate, leading to the loss of both fluid and electrolytes. The loss of fluid and electrolytes causes mild to moderate dehydration.

Engaging in physical work or endurance exercise in high heat presents even greater risks of dehydration.

Important Note: Dehydration is not the only heat-related condition. Heat illnesses can range from muscle cramps and heat exhaustion to heat stroke (which is a medical emergency). Common symptoms of heat illnesses include dizziness, nausea/vomiting, confusion, cramps, lethargy, and headache.

Did you know?

When you sweat you lose both fluids and electrolytes.

Managing Dehydration related to Prolonged Heat Exposure

A clinical rehydration solution, like Hydralyte, is the most effective solution for preventing and managing dehydration related to prolonged heat exposure.

  • Hydralyte is an electrolyte solution clinically formulated for rapid rehydration that is suitable for all ages
  • Hydralyte is low in sugar and high in the electrolytes lost in sweat, which your body needs to retain the fluid you consume and help with nerve and muscle function.


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