Hydralyte’s History

It all Started with a Medical Breakthrough

  • 1958: Scientists discover the sodium- glucose pump
  • 1968. Effective oral treatment of dehydration discovered
  • 1969. The formula was adopted by The World Health Organization
  • 1978. The Lancet publishes study hailing Oral Rehydration Solutions as potentially the most important medical advance of the 20th century

Hydralyte Dominates Australia

  • 2001. Hydralyte launches in Australia with its base range of clinically effective oral rehydration solutions – 1L Solutions and Freezer Pops
  • 2001-2014. Hydralyte grows to dominate the market in Australia, eventually capturing more than  83% of the market and growing per capita consumption by more than 340%
  • April 2014. Hydralyte sells the rights to the brand in Australia and New Zealand to Prestige Brands (NYSE: PBH), opting to focus on bringing Hydralyte to the rest of the world

Hydralyte Goes Global

  • 2010. Hydralyte launches in Canada, bringing great tasting ORS
  • 2015. Launched Hydralyte Electrolyte Effervescent Tablets
  • May 2016. Hydralyte begins selling in the US
  • Today: Currently Hydralyte is available in all major drug retailers across Canada, including Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Rexall, Loblaw, Jean Coutu and London Drugs.

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